Posted by: doothadoo | July 24, 2007

The Price of Cheese

Recently I have moved back to Anchorage, AK, my hometown, from Los Angeles where I did a stint at LMU for the past six years, and somehow came out with a couple degrees, and bank account that reads -$102,000. To some people (probably most), this amount of money would influence them to keep a tighter budget. Not me. I live a lavish lifestyle, one that I wish I could afford. As long as I can make my minimum payments on my credit cards, its all good, baby. Things have changed recently, much to even my own surprise. I went grocery shopping the other day to buy a few things for the house. Milk, lunch meat, cheese, Pepsi…basically the essentials. When I got to the cheese, I almost shot Pepsi out of my nose. Twelve slices of cheese…for $6.49. I like to think I have a taste for cheese, so I appreciate good types; havarti, aged cheddar, fontina, etc. But these prices were just ridiculous. How come cheese is so expensive? Seriously, for a pack of fontina cheese it costs six and a half dollars. That’s twice the price of a ribeye steak, per ounce. Why is cheese so expensive? Come to think of it, there are a lot of other things you notice when you are watching your money. Like the price of beer (at least up here in the AK). I went to the liquor store immediately after this short stint in the cheese aisle, because I was going to drown my misery and forget I even witnessed such an atrocity. I’m walking up and down the rows of liquor and beer, and decide I will just stick with the same old stuff…bud light my friends, quality shit. I grab a 24 pack (because they don’t sell 30 packs here) and don’t even look at the price tag. But guess what kind of deal I got on it!! Two dollars off! Hooray beer! Still, the total came out to $23.99. WTF? You have to be kidding me. There is something wrong with this state. And to believe I got it on SALE. Remember the days when you could get a 30 pack of bud for 16 bucks? Oh wait, those days are now, just elsewhere, other than here. Want to hear some more ridiculousness? A six pack of Alaskan Amber, a microbrew that is just about every Alaskan’s favorite, sells for $9.99 regularly priced. Is it not just beyond every coherent persons reasoning skills, that the price of the same six pack sells for less in Los Angeles? And that’s even at Bristol Farms. I feel like Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) in the Truman Show….great movie by the way. Anyways, so, since I cant afford to drink beer, or eat cheese, I am more than willing to accept shipments of either item…oh wait, another ridiculous practice in AK…you aren’t allowed to ship alcohol in or out of the state. Sigh…

But then again, at least I’m not making the thousand dollar a month rent payments that most of the people my age in LA are paying.



  1. i like swiss cheese, ya know the one with the holes in it

  2. instead of bank account, prices do have influence on your budget eh?…

    Yes.. that’s a puffer..

  3. mmm cheese… one of my favorite foods

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