Posted by: bueller | August 15, 2007

A Website is Born: Drunken Panda

Did anyone hear about the 4 pandas born on the same day in China on Monday?  No?  Well, its kind of a big deal considering that only 34 pandas were born in captivity in all of 2006, so what are the chances that 4 would be born on the same day?  I don’t know but that’s just crazy!  In commemeration of the birth of 4 pandas on the same day we are creating a website called: Drunken Panda.  What the article above doesn’t tell you is that our panda got drunk and went out in China and knocked up 4 panda sluts……panda jerk is such a pimp.  Well actually the 4 babies were from 2 mothers, so panda jerk isn’t such a pimp, which means it was basically just 2 births in 1 day so its not soooo crazy.  Nonetheless it’s very special to us.

But seriously, we had this website we just renamed it because I didn’t want a URL in with “wordpress” in it.  I know, I know, very creative right.  Anyways, hopefully with my new team of writers we can distract you guys from work for a couple of minutes a day.



  1. “…so panda jerk isn’t such a pimp…”
    Have you ever knocked up two pandas in one day? I was in China for one day, nailed two panda sluts and had four kids. Not only am I the biggest panda pimp around, but I also have super panda semen. Two shots, four kids … you do the math. Luckily for me, those panda bitches don’t know my phone number or where I live. They are only left with some kids and a memory of the greatest night of their panda lives. Move over Superbad, Panda Jerk is the new McLovin.

  2. yo admin, two things: 1) there is a typo in the site description 2) you need a new site description, asap.

    Quote of the year so far: “I’m gonna average like 10 points, 11-12 assists, 4 dimes….” – Stephon Marbury aka I am the best point guard in the league, but really about the 9th best

  3. well what do you want the description to say? what the hell is leonasaid? is leona your girlfriend and you do whatever she says? ok that was lame.

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