Posted by: bueller | August 16, 2007

The Stoopid Ark: The New Panda

Honestly, these animals are cute, but they are dumb. They are the only bear in the world that are vegetarians, now how stupid is that. They are able to eat and digest meat, but for some stupid reason they dont, so in order to survive on bamboo alone they eat bamboo all day long!!! Pandas have also refused to evolve to changes in mother nature, leaving them more or less stuck to a tiny region on the planet where the weather is right and the bamboo is abundant. How dumb is that? Evolve you stupid animals!!! And they dont camouflage very well, and they only have offspring like once every 50 years or something. No wonder they are almost extinct. But these animals are way to cute and cuddly looking to be on the verge of extinction so we are giving them a new shot at life. On a personal note, I know a panda that lives in Hawaii. Unlike his fellow panda’s he has evolved and eats meat on a regular basis, as well as drives a car.  He also gets drunk from time to time, and likes to sleep around……wait, what?


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