Posted by: bueller | August 20, 2007

Beer of the Week: Red Stripe Lager

Hooray Beer! Red Stripe was first brewed as an ale in 1928 in Kingston, Jamaica. It was considered too heavy for local taste, so the recipe was changed to a lager style in 1938 and hasn’t changed since. It’s a good thing too cause this beer is tasty!!! The original brewery was opened by Paul H. Geddes (son of the founder E.P. Geddes) and Bill Martindale in Hunt’s Bay, Jamaica in 1958. Since then the beer has been brewed under license by a bunch off different companies that I won’t bother mentioning because it’s boring and no one really cares. In 1985 Red Stripe made its first appearance in the United States. The beer wasn’t very popular at first, and in 1989 importing of the beer was temporarily suspended due to illegal smuggling of marijuana found in the shipping crates. In 2001, Red Stripe launched a TV advertising campaign featuring a comedic Jamaican using variations of the catch phrase, “Hooray, beer!”, and has taken off ever since.The beer is 4.7% alcohol content by volume, and has a very light malty taste. It pours as a light gold color with a small amount of head. Perfect for a nice hot day laying by the pool listening to some Bob Marley! For technical information beyond this (I don’t know why you would need it) go here.

If you read this article and try the beer please let me know your thoughts about it. If you have thoughts in general about beer you can let me know those as well. If you have thoughts in general about anything you can let me know those too.


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