Posted by: bueller | August 27, 2007

Beer of the Week: Fat Tire Amber Ale

The story of this beer is a nice wholesome tale about a young American electrical engineer (gotta love those enginerds) who went to Europe on a bike tour and discovered good beer. What a surprise, good beer in Europe. Jeff Lebesch was a homebrewer before his European trip, but when he returned to Colorado he was inspired by the Belgium beers, and his brewing from then on was influenced. The first two beers he developed were the Abbey and Fat Tire, which was named in honor of his trip. Jeff’s operation consisted of brewing in his basement at home, and friends and family lending a hand where they could. In 1991 Jeff and his wife Kim took their operation to the next level and began to distribute their beer. Just four years later they outgrew the basement and another location, finally settling into their current brewhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado. Now known as New Belgium, Jeff and Kim’s brewery is mostly powered by wind generated electricity supplied by the city of Fort Collins, Colorado. The remainder of the brewery’s required power comes from methane gas created from their on-site water treatment plant.

This beer is delicious, and everyone says it has a biscuit flavor to it. Well, whatever, biscuits or no biscuits, its a little darker reddish, and has an alcohol content of 5.2%.

New Belgium Brew Co. puts their company philosophy on the label of every bottle:
“In this box is our labor of love. We feel incredibly lucky to be creating something fine that enhances people’s lives. Know that we think about you as we’re making it- enjoying Trippel by the fire, splitting Fat Tire with a friend, offering Abbey Ale as a present. Enjoy! And stop by to let us know how it was. We’d love to see you!”


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